Who are we ?

AME International is a medical association created in 1998 as an initiative of a number of doctors in Strasbourg. It is a humanitarian non-profit organization, which aims to contribute to the improvement of the health situation in developing countries through the medical training of local doctors and the introduction in these countries of new medical technologies.

The Association has trained many foreign doctors to date. Many African physicians have come to courses in France for advanced medical technics. All these doctors, once back in their country of origin, have remained in contact with us via the internet to develop other projects.

Our help is in the training of physicians in developing countries
AME International promotes and maintains educational exchanges.

By offering the possibility to young doctors from developing countries to follow courses in France, AME International shares knowledge and delivers formative professional experience. These young doctors follow a 3 month internship and develop into a specialised field. AME International Association allows doctors to specialize and develop new essential medical practices.

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